Saturday, January 08, 2011

Alvin, TX (near Houston)

Was awakened at 4:30 because someone in the room next to me thought it was OK to turn on the TV. I had forgotten that, in Europe, hotel walls are thin, apparently even in Holiday Inns. Nonetheless, I rolled out of bed in time for a leisurely shower, shave, and morning preparations for the day. I shared a cab to the airport with a couple of my students, and had no toruble with the airport check-in. Over the years, I've learned to pack just enough for my needs and wants, and to stay well under the luggage weight limits. Security didn't take long. Much of the hysteria over long lines and security procedures seems to be just that...hysteria.

Had breakfast at Heathrow Airport at a restaurant called The Bridge -- a good mushroom and cheese omelet, with a baked tomato half, traditional fare in the UK. I passed on the large baked mushroom alongside of it, though. Shortly thereafter we boarded our plan for the long flight home. I'm glad I brought along plenty to read.

On the same flight were some of our MAc students who have been traveling in London and France, including several who are former students of mine. It was good to see them and to have a chance to talk a bit with them.

The video on the plane wasn't functioning, but I didn't care much, not being one for watching much TV. It did occur to me though...what a marvel it is to be able to travel thousands of miles through the air in a single day in relative comfort and ease! I think of the pains and suffering of the people of the Willie and Martin handcart companies, and I'm embarassed that I might ever have complained or been impatient in my own travels. What a blessing it is to be able to go quickly and comfortably almost anywhere in the world.

Mary Ann and Jason met me at the airport, and we left straight for Houston to be with Sara dn Jacob for the blessing of their daughter, Mara. We stopped only for a quick bite to eat and to fuel up once, and arrived at the Morrill's home a little after midnight. It is kind of them to let us stay with them, and we appreciated their hospitality. I'm exhausted, but glad to be here for Mara's day.


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